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Mid-life: A New Awakening
What would you like the world to know about you? How would you like to be remembered? Really think about what your life would be like if nothing stood in your way—not money, education, physical ability, fear, people, or obligations.

Yes, You Can
To be hypnotized is so wonderful. Our critical, analytical mind is resting allowing our higher mind, sometimes known as the universal mind, to help us see the world, including ourselves, more clearly—beyond the illusions created by masks and baggage. We

Quantum Healing with Hypnosis
We have the option to create balance and remain healthy at all times.

Connecting Higher Self Within For Health and Healing
My business name, Gnosis is a Greek word which means knowing or to know. Many are acquainted with the word Gnosis as it relates to the knowledge of God through direct contact. However,

Divorce: A Necessary Part of Spiritual Growth
During the past thirty years we have seen an acute spiraling in the number of marriages that end in divorce. The prevailing occurrence...

Embracing Spiritual Relationships
Do you believe in magic? Like the magic of the prince with the glass slipper, Sleeping Beauty, or the Frog and the Princess? Myth and fairy tales attune us to both the psychological...

Marriage: A Union For Spritual Growth
Just as our physical evolution has expanded, enabling us to make changes in our living environment, so too our spiritual growth...

Soul Mates
Soul mates. The phrase soul mates conjures up visions of that perfect someone—the one and only one.

Past Life Regression
Knowing the purpose makes the most devastating of situations bearable.

Connect With Departed Loved One
Do you wish you had another chance to communicate with your departed loved one? What do you want to say to him/her?

Reincarnation Part III
Scientific research into the possibility of past lives began in 1960 when Dr. Ian Stevenson, then head of the Dept. of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia, heard of a boy in Sri Lanka named Sujith, telling his family of a previous life as a man...

Love Thyself
So, how do you begin to love thyself?

Release Excess Weight
You can produce the body you desire—healthy, lean, and strong. It’s so easy with hypnosis!

Be Prepared! Study/Memory/Recall
Imagine how wonderful it would be if you were always prepared for an exam, a speech, a presentation or an interview!

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