Connect With Departed Loved One

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Connecting with a deceased loved one through hypnosis is easy. Each of us has lost someone special, whether a parent, a spouse, a friend, or a child. Regardless of the relationship, it is always difficult to lose someone that we love, someone that we feel close to, and/or someone that we have a history with. The loss of a loved one leaves most people feeling empty, angry, abandoned, guilty, and devastated. The constant thoughts run from “why did he/she do this to me?” to reminiscing over and over again the last words spoken, the last visit together, and all future plans.

It is especially difficult to lose someone suddenly, such as in the case of an accident, stroke, heart attack or violence. This sudden loss seems so meaningless. Those left behind are always asking, “Why?”…. “Why did this have to happen?” Why did he/she die so young?....... alone?…….. this way? “What if I had been there?.... what if he/she had medical care sooner?” The why and what if questions are endless. They haunt us night and day because we do not have a logical explanation.

In spite of the cause of death, family and friends are left with the need to say “I love you” one more time; the need to say, “Good-bye”, and the need to share important information about………a baby on the way, ……….an engagement, ……….a promotion, anything deemed important. We want to communicate with our loved one, but feel as though it is too late, he/she is gone.

Yes, he/she is gone from the physical, but the soul is eternal. What do you want to say to your loved one? Were your last words angry words? Do you feel responsible for the person’s death? Do you feel guilty that your loved one is gone and you are still here? Do you feel guilty that you did not do something to save your loved one? Are you upset that someone else didn’t do something to save your loved one?

With the help of a hypnotherapist you can begin the healing process by connecting with your departed loved one. Yes, while in hypnosis you have the opportunity to communicate with your departed loved one. You will be amazed at how quickly you will start feeling better once you communicate with your departed loved one. You will realize how peaceful and content your loved one is. He/she is no longer ill, in pain, lonely, or far away. You will learn that there was nothing that you, or anyone else could do to spare his/her physical life. If there were disagreements between you, you will be able to resolve your issues and ask for forgiveness. You will be able to release any anger, self-pity, guilt, and grief. You will understand and accept his/her passing, and you will be able to bring closure.

With knowledge and understanding comes acceptance and healing. This very special soul no longer wants you to grieve because he/she is free. Your loved one wants to be remembered with pride. He/she wants you to move on and enjoy life. It is important to realize that feeling better does not mean that you have forgotten your loved one. You will never forget him/her. This soul was and still is very special to you, and will remain with you, always. And, you need to respect his/her wishes.

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