Yes, You Can

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To be hypnotized is so wonderful. Our critical, analytical mind is resting allowing our higher mind, sometimes known as the universal mind, to help us see the world, including ourselves, more clearly—beyond the illusions created by masks and baggage. We remove the layers of doubt and expectation and see reality. By doing so, we can depart from our fear based limitations and embark on an evolutionary journey of self-creation. A journey where you can achieve all that you desire through the power of your higher self.

Close your eyes for a moment and see yourself exactly the way you want to be: happy, healthy, successful, in a mutually loving relationship. Add to this whatever else you desire for yourself, fame, fortune, notoriety. All that you can see can be actualized through the power of your higher mind. Whether you are considering a lifelong commitment to another, bringing a child into the world, moving on after a divorce or death of a spouse, continuing with your education, taking a new job, changing careers, starting a business, giving a speech, making a presentation, moving to another part of the country, or retiring, just focus on that which you desire, and know that you can manifest that which you create through positive thought.

Doubt and expectations can stifle you. You have knowledge but limited experience. You have the desire but lack confidence. You have the ability but lack motivation. And those old recordings, not good enough, or smart enough, or capable, or deserving, are playing over and over again. They were created by voices from the past that are stuck in your subconscious mind. Like quicksand, these negative beliefs are devouring your life. You are stuck in your own web of excuses allowing precious time to pass as you slowly decay. In this dark, pessimistic place nothing can prepare you for success. Come out to the light and feel the warmth caress you in loving comfort and safety. You are protected. You are guided.

You are the creator, director and producer of your life. You absolutely can create any reality you desire, simply by retreating to the stillness, as in hypnosis, to access information from the higher mind. There, in the stillness, is where the veil is lifted and you find your authentic self. There you identify who you are. There you will understand your purpose. There you will know what you truly need or want. Right there, in the stillness, you will find the path leading to self-fulfillment.

Whatever visions you have for yourself can be achieved through transpersonal hypnotherapy today! You will be amazed at how easily and effectively negative thoughts and beliefs can be replaced by positive, self-actualizing beliefs.

So, go ahead, get started. Begin your future. Allow yourself to manifest all that you desire. Allow yourself to be the unique human being that you are. Allow yourself to live an authentic life, free of the shadow and the recordings. You can do it. You already have what it takes. Just stay true to your dreams and focus intently on that which you desire.

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