Connecting Higher Self Within For Health and Healing

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My business name, Gnosis is a Greek word which means knowing or to know. Many are acquainted with the word Gnosis as it relates to the knowledge of God through direct contact. However, gnosis is not restricted to the knowledge of God. It is a mystical experience beyond the physical or psychic levels of our individual being. It pertains to the knowledge of the universe and every part of us; who we are, why we are here, why we chose our parents, what our true path is, the meaning of our experiences (good or bad; happy or sad), the reason for illness, the loss of a loved one, and so on.

There are so many questions about our individual lives, our collective life, our relationship to one another, our relationship to all other living creatures, our connection to the earth, and our connection to the universe. And of course, so many questions about our health, our pain, our grief, and our equilibrium. Where do we find the answers? How do we heal? How do we enjoy peace of mind?

Ancient wisdom has aspired to direct access, going within, to heal. We connect to our higher selves, that part of us which transcends all time and space. From there we can find and understand all that we seek. Gnosis is obtained by connecting to our higher self through meditation, dreams, and/or intuition. This form of healing is known as transpersonal (self-directed).

Some describe the earth as a great big schoolhouse where we come to learn to love ourselves, and others. This sounds so simple, yet looking around we see and hear anger, hate, fear, jealousy, righteousness, dishonesty, power struggles, and so many other attributes which pull us away from our authentic selves, causing us physical, mental, and emotional pain. How do we heal? Here is one example of transpersonal healing:

For the past six months Joe had difficulty speaking. He couldn’t communicate. Through hypnosis he was able to connect to his higher self and to explore the situation(s) that caused him to lose his speech. Joe found that this inability to communicate was directly related to a bad business transaction, involving a business partner who persuaded him to lie in order to close the deal. Joe was uncomfortable with his participation in the transaction. Subconsciously, he was punishing himself for lying by not allowing himself to speak. Once Joe gained insight to what he needed to learn, and understood why he needed to experience this pain, he was able to accept the learning while letting go of the pain. This gnosis provided him with the courage and strength to forgive himself and to integrate his newfound knowledge into his everyday life, making business decisions appropriate for him.

Simple. We find out the cause of our problem, we release the cause, and the problem dissipates. We heal our bodies in the same way, by going within.

Dr. Deepak Chopra describes the body as, “bubbling with intelligence; totally alive with intelligence. Not contained only in the cells of the brain—it is contained in every cell of your body. Each cell thinks and communicates with all the others.” According to Chopra, “By connecting to our higher self, we access our inner intelligence, and intervene to change the distorted patterns of intelligence restoring it to health.”

We intervene by sending positive messages through thought and visualization of health to those cells which have strayed from their healthy origins, and to the subconscious mind which assists us in accepting and integrating the new information.

Western medicine with well educated and well trained doctors, nurses, technicians, and other medical staff, the use of highly advanced technology, prescription drugs, surgery, and numerous therapies, including, but not limited to, physical, occupational, radiation, chemo, and psychology, offer us an array of assistance in eliminating our symptoms. However, some of these drugs, and some of these therapies, are like a bandage, they eliminate the symptoms, but they do not address the cause of the dis-ease. And you must maintain the treatment in order to maintain an acceptable level of health.

Transpersonal healing allows you to heal naturally, with little, if any, medical intervention. Here is another example of transpersonal healing:

About 10 years ago my optometrist starting charting a high pressure in my right eye, at which point she recommended I see an ophthalmologist. When my eye pressure reached over 31, the ophthalmologist recommended laser surgery cautioning that this was a temporary measure that would need to be repeated approximately every 3 years. Losing my sight was not an option. I decided that I would have the surgery to restore the pressure in my right eye to normal levels (below 21) and would keep it within normal levels through meditation, so that I would never need surgery again. The procedure was somewhat successful. The surgery reduced my eye pressure to 27, which pleased my ophthalmologist. However, through meditation I was able to bring my eye pressure down to 21. Six years later, my eye pressure is still at, or below, 21. My ophthalmologist is so pleased with my results. She has expressed over and over again that I have done better with this surgery than any of her other patients.

In conjunction with western medicine, hypnotherapy is used to:

  • Release/eliminate pain
  • Promote relaxation
  • Find the root cause of the disease/illness
  • Increase sleep
  • Boost the immune’s system ability to eliminate disease
  • Lessen anxiety and fear
  • Deal with grief
  • Lessen fear of death
  • Learn new stress management skills
  • Improve results derived from treatment
  • Reduce/eliminate side-effects, complications

The benefits of hypnotherapy in conjunction with western medicine are endless:

  • Improving quality of life
  • Greater psychological well-being
  • Reduced worry of recurrence, side-effects
  • Extending life

As you can see from the above examples connecting to the higher self brings forth gnosis about all aspects of your life, induces good health, and maintains peace. By taking a few very slow deep breaths, quieting your conscious mind, and letting yourself depart from the present, you can achieve this euphoria. Begin by achieving one minute at first. Then add another minute, and so on.

For those who find it impossible to quiet their conscious minds, or to trust the information they receive, hypnosis, a deeper form of meditation with guided imagery and directed questions is a great tool to connect with the higher self.

The key to a successful hypnosis session is your ability to let go of conscious thoughts, focus on your breathing, relax your mind and body, and follow the hypnotist’s instructions. As a hypnotherapist, I am a facilitator. I do not “program” you. I provide you with a tool for your journey and I assist you on your quest.

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