Mid-life: A New Awakening

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One day, in a flash, you are hypnotized by a song playing on the radio. Suddenly, your entire world, as you have known it for so long, collapses all around you. You look into the mirror at an image of a stranger and you wonder, “Who is this person?”

How sad, and yet how true. You’ve been riding the carousel of life. You got married, had a family, joined the PTA, volunteered for as many fund raisers as you could fit into your schedule, chauffeured your children from one after school or extra curricular activity to another, and before you knew it, your children had grown.

The music stopped and the carousel came to a screeching halt. Your children walked off into their future, and you are left standing alone, feeling lost and vulnerable. While riding the carousel you were busy doing everything you should be doing—raising a family, earning a living, feeling secure, and enjoying the ride. Right now, alone and vulnerable you realize that you forgot your Self. You’ve forgotten your dreams and desires. Everything was pushed aside to create a happy, healthy family—everything, including your Self.

Whether you are male or female, stepping off the carousel is very difficult. It’s been a comfortable ride, going around and around to the tune of family life. Now that you’ve stepped off, it’s a new day. One of the most difficult days of your life, to be followed by many more difficult days of “what if?” You fill in the blanks, “What if I had _______?” “What if I _______? “What if _______?” You long for what you left behind. You feel hopeless, depressed, frustrated. You want to reclaim that which you pushed aside. You want to be young again. You want to feel alive and vibrant again. If you could only turn back the clock. If you could only start over again. You can’t. So many years have slipped by while you were on that fantasy ride. Everything seemed so perfect, so wonderful. And now you feel cheated, disappointed, deceived. Over the years, your true Self was masked by layers and layers of artificial personas. You lived life trying to please the status quo of your society rather than fulfilling your Self.

Mid-life crisis sneaks up quickly and unexpectedly, like an earthquake, and like a tornado it twists you apart. One minute you are wrapped up in your wonderful life and the next minute you’re standing naked at the crossroads. Do not fret. A new day is dawning. There are no regrets. You followed your heart’s desire with what was available to you then. The what ifs are awakening within you the dreams you couldn’t pursuit. They are calling your attention to reexamine yourself, your life, your path.

OK, so what if? What if you had or hadn’t? How would your life be different? What would you have given up? What would you be missing?

Now, take a moment to remember why you made the choices you made? Do you remember why you took the path you’re on. There’s a purpose for everything. Those were the right choices at the time. The path you chose then has brought you to where you are today and prepared you for what is to come.

Look beyond yesteryear. Focus on today, now. Find a quiet place where you can stop thinking about the what ifs, take a few deep breaths and look deep within. Search your soul. Who are you? What is your purpose? What do you need to learn? What do you need to teach? What should you be doing with your life and talent? What would you like the world to know about you? How would you like to be remembered? Really think about what your life would be like if nothing stood in your way—not money, education, physical ability, fear, people, or obligations.

Now, release all the self-imposed obstacles, set yourself free to express who you are. From where you stand today you can better understand life, your purpose, and your passion. Obstacles no longer stand in your way. Follow your heart and plunge into your destiny. This is your time to shine.

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to assist you with your exploration of your authentic self. Hypnotherapy allows you to release the negative beliefs you’ve been holding on to and accept new beliefs which will bring about positive changes in your life. Yesterday is a wonderful memory. Tomor-row a new day is dawning. Isn’t it time that you realized your full potential and start living again?

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