Hypnotherapy in Laguna Hills

Christina Gikas, of Gnosis Hypnosis Institute, provides hypnotherapy to Laguna Hills residents at her office on Moulton Parkway. This location makes it so convenient for residents of Laguna Hills to create and maintain a peaceful, fulfilling, healthy life by releasing anger, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, phobias, depression, pain and stress; enhancing confidence, grades, memory, health, sports performance, and creativity; achieving self-improvement by ending addictions, quit smoking, and/or lose weight; accessing the higher mind to gaining knowledge, past life regression and much more.

Unlike conventional talk therapy, where changes take place at the conscious mind over a period of months or years, with hypnosis and hypnotherapy, Laguna Hills residents can experience immediate and permanent changes made at the subconscious mind during a very short period of time, usually just a few sessions. This is the core of the mind-body-spirit relationship. Using hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and counseling, Christina can assist Laguna Hills residents in their quest for healthy living and self-fulfillment.

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