Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Ever wonder why something is going on in your life? Have you ever experienced déjà vu? Do you want to know how you are related to another? Past life regression is a hypnosis tool by which you can find answers to your present life issues.

We are not limited to just a mind to be molded by our external experiences. We have a soul, it is the core of our existence. Our soul has survived all eternity and carries with it an abundance of knowledge (gnosis). By departing from the present and entering the realm of a higher consciousness we can learn much about our self, our life, our family, our significant other, our circumstances, and our health from an absolute frame of reference. This is the core of the mind-body-spirit relationship. Knowing what and why we have brought certain issues with us, or why certain issues need to be resolved allows us to release the pain and continue on our path.

There are no accidents or coincidences. There is no such thing as good luck or bad luck. Every incident presents itself as an opportunity for spiritual growth. Every obstacle is a test. The goal is to purify the soul by erasing negative karma. Our soul chooses to return in another body, to clear the negative karma it didn’t clear before passing from its previous life, or lives. Dharma, is the soul’s mission, or goals, for erasing negativity during the present incarnation.

Although the soul’s journey on earth is predestined, in the physical we have free-will, and therefore, are responsible for our own actions. Therefore, we must complete our dharma willingly and be very careful not to continue to create negative karma.

Past life regression can bring healing and closure in a way not possible through talk therapy alone. By knowing and understanding, we can stop asking, “Why” or “Why me?” There is a purpose behind it. We chose it to release negative karma. Knowing the purpose makes the most devastating of situations bearable. We can stop brooding and start living life with new meaning and intention.